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While our Swiss Label certified company is located in the Zurich Oberland, our systems are used worldwide. We offer comprehensive system solutions in the field of industrial automation and system monitoring (SCADA systems) and create complete IT concepts. Your demands are our guideline: we develop systems tailored to your requirements.
Each of our products is unique and yet connectable to external systems at any time.


Our solutions


Our monitoring all-in-one system is versatile and tailored to your requirements: whether in cleanrooms, warehouses or technical rooms – our system records all relevant values in real time and evaluates them immediately.

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Small company, smaller budget: vali.lite provides you with a monitoring system that is technically on the highest level but reduced to the most necessary evaluation features.

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Our access control system meets all demands: equipped according to your requirements with bluetooth, biometry, numeric code or access cards, the customized control system can be connected to any external system.

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vali.scada does not only provide a SCADA program, but rather offers a versatile control system that can communicate with airlock, device, machine and room control and controls them as desired.

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Validation and qualification

We qualify your old systems according to FDA/GMP requirements and carry out prospective qualifications of new systems.

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Maintenance and calibration

We offer recalibration service for environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air velocity and particle counters of all manufacturers.

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From a single source

We do it all: from consulting to planning to building complete systems.


Our system solutions are programmable according to the customer’s requirements and compatible with external systems.


Our know-how includes areas of application from cleanroom technology to building management systems and IT technology.


Both small and large companies from around the world are part of our clientele.


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