because we are more than a team

Our corporate culture is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation.
At vali.sys, we are a colourful, innovative and competent team. Or, as a valued and long-standing customer once aptly said, “A crazy but lovable bunch.” We could not have phrased any better ourselves.

vali.sys has the feel of a huge, colourful aquarium. It bustles with many different types of fish.

There’s one that is always on the move like a grouper, one who is relaxed like a ray, or one that behaves like a clownfish and makes the whole tank laugh. We have them all.


foreword by our ceo thomas christen

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Thomas Christen, and I am the CEO and owner of vali.sys ag. I joined the company as an employee in 2006 and have been able to call it my own since 2019.

Innovation, growth and expertise: that’s just a selection of attributes that describe our company. We have achieved a lot in the field of clean room monitoring in the past years, and are far from finished. We are hungry for more!
Long-lasting, top Swiss quality and easy handling are the hallmarks of our products and I am particularly proud of that. This is the grantee we offer, when you have a product with our name on it.

our social commitment

Thomas Christen

thomas christen

ceo and owner

Roberto Vitali

roberto vitali

coo - chief operating officer

Sanky Marzouk

sanky marzouk

head of business development

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nadia haldimann

company building international

vali.quality management

Objektiv Close Up

rachel peter

quality management

Web_ (18).jpg

daniel berger

quality management

Objektiv Close Up

simona giarolo


Web_ (34).jpg

manuela vitali



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bettina brändle


Web_ (32).jpg

raquel forrer



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pascal balmer

teamleader projects

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alexandra spring

junior project manager

Web_ (22).jpg

phillip schiess

teamleader engineering

Web_ (10).jpg

nathanael barben

field application engineer

Web_ (24).jpg

dario generoso

field application engineer


Daniel Bauer

daniel bauer

teamleader service

Sonam Dhokhar

sonam dhokhar

service technician

Objektiv Close Up

nenad vasic

service technician

Web_ (14).jpg

nicolas obenauer


our social commitment

We at vali.sys have also been through difficult times and are grateful for the help we have received. Now it is time to share our fortune. That is why we are committed to a wide range of social projects in our region.
Children’s eyes lighting up with joy at Christmas is one of the most beautiful things for us. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to a project that is dear to our hearts: vali.nachten.

As vali.sys, we bear a social responsibility towards our employees, customers and partners as well as towards others. We are part of a greater whole.

Poverty is a sensitive topic that no one likes to talk about, especially in Switzerland.
As many as 8.5% of the Swiss population, including many families with children, are directly affected by
poverty. For us, 8.5% to many.

With our vali.nachten initiative, we decided not to spend our Christmas marketing budget on big corporate and promotional gifts. Instead, we make heartfelt wishes come true for families and children from the region, who do not always have it so easy.

We have already made many children’s eyes light up and brought a smile to parents’ faces, and giving ourselves time for some introspection. We were reminded again of how fortunate we are and how small gestures can add immeasurable value to someone else’s life.

Like little children, we are already looking forward to our next vali.nachten and can hardly wait. Come and spread joy with us!

Would you like to become part of vali.nachten with a donation of money or goods?
Just contact us.