The origin of vali.sys


The beginnings

On 1st September 2003, vali.sys officially entered the market. In the beginning, we exclusively built monitoring systems.


Building the company

A year dedicated to building the company. We were able to win important new customers and carry out our first projects.



At some point, more manpower was needed: 2005 we hired the first interns who supported us in various areas.


First employee

Thomas Christen was our first employee. With a high level of commitment, he was soon familiar with the tasks given to carry them out independently.



Crises are here to be overcome. 2007, we faced some internal challenges. In November, Michael Müller and Thomas Christen acquired the company and introduced many new concepts.



The new structures are followed by changes. Turnover and margins are raised and further personnel is employed.


Big project

Thanks to good references, we win a large governmental project in Switzerland. Thanks to further big projects, more employees were needed.


Economic crisis

Highs and lows: our marketing concept was realized and finally, we had a consistent CI/CD. The internal IT was also taken to a state-of-the-art level. Unfortunately, the economic crisis did not spare us. Some employees had to leave the company and investments had to be postponed.



The year of recovery. Important projects had to be carried out. Much work and few investments.



Recovery brought stabilization. Due to new projects, we were able to hire more personnel to support the team.




Success was finally around the corner. There was room for new ideas and turnover was further increased.


Relocation and anniversary

More space needed: in September 2014, we moved into a new building. The new environment enabled new opportunities and growth. In 2014, we also celebrated the 11th company anniversary.


Success and shock

The economic decisions concerning the EURO caused a big shock but through new structures and process optimizations as well as further developments, 2015 ended as the year with the biggest turnover. Instead of reducing the team, we expanded it to 13 employees.


Turnover growth

2016 was a very intensive and successful year. A turnover growth of approximately 35% called for adjustments, investments and structural changes to move vali.sys forward. 2016 made history with the biggest turnover.


The international year

International projects are the core of 2017. New systems were built in various countries and continents.


Employee and turnover growth

2018 was a year of growth with 5 new employees added to the team.


New management

Since 1st January 2019, Thomas Christen is sole owner and CEO of vali.sys gmbh. Roberto Vitali and Rachel Hersperger are part of the management.


New location and employees

In August, vali.sys moved from Wetzikon to Bubikon. All employees feel very well in the newer, larger, brigther and more modern headquarter. Furthermore, vali.sys was able to report another increase in personnel and had one of the most successful years ever.

vali.sys gmbh